Gold Monarch Precious Metals is your local gold dealer in Houston, Texas. We offer our customers the same minted gold bullion variety you would expect at larger dealers. Our selection is commensurate with both online gold investing and other gold dealers in the Houston area. However, Gold Monarch has a distinct difference...we care about your investment and legacy.

Our options include gold coins, gold bars, and grain of various weight and size. Our gold metals are available minted or generic in their purest form.

Our minted coin selection includes:

  • Gold Krugerrands
  • Gold American Eagles
  • Gold Canadian Maples
  • Australian Gold Coins
  • Mexican Gold Coins
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonics

As one of the premiere gold dealers in Houston, Texas, Gold Monarch Precious Metals provides an opportunity for gold investment that is flexible and convenient.

We keep the traditional favorite gold coins on hand and have access to more rare gold coins and bars if that's what our customers would like. Our customers' tastes vary, and we meet their needs with satisfaction in quality gold bullion and bars or gold coins.

Chinese Gold Coin
Swiss Gold Bar
Small Gold Bullion
Dragon Gold Coin


We offer an environment that is personal, transparent, and comfortable for our customers. Our industry is time-tested as a financial stronghold and safe-haven for your legacy.

Our experienced staff takes the time to answer questions and guide our customers through each step of the gold and precious metal investment process. We offer gold bars, gold coins, and gold grain available at the time of purchase. We are also able to ship purchases to clients seeking higher security.


Even before it was used as money, people have always placed a high value on gold. Throughout history, it has been equated with power, beauty, and the cultural elite. It was a key piece of life as adornment and display of royalty or wealth. Even in death it was a tribute in ancient cultures to symbolize reverence and opulence in both the afterlife and the tombs. Gold is also highly malleable, conductive, and resistant to corrosion, which further enhances its value.

Throughout the world, owning gold can act as a hedge against inflation and deflation alike, as well as a good portfolio diversifier. Gold can also provide financial cover during geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty.

We can help you discover the best investment for your personal goals and can source any amount and grade you would like to purchase.

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