We appreciate your business at Gold Monarch Precious Metals because we know there are many options to sell your gold, silver and other precious metals. Our expert team of appraisers, skilled in value assessment, guides our customers through the entire sales process.

Gold Monarch Precious Metals creates a selling experience that is personal and securely designed with our customers’ privacy at the forefront. When selling to us, you want a fair, market-driven price that you can trust maximizes your return.

We purchase precious metals of all weights and varieties. In addition to buying gold bullion, numismatics, gold coins, ingots, and gold bars, we also purchase broken jewelry, dental and medical scrap, recycling material, and electronic parts. We are one of the most trusted and licensed Houston gold buyers in the industry.

We host our melting and assaying services in-house so that your transactions are handled quickly and easily on site. We welcome walk-in business and appreciate appointments during normal business hours.

We ensure all of our customers receive first class products and service.

Melted Silver
Silver Scraps
Silver Jewelry

All our precious metals are sourced only from companies with the best reputation and everything is guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

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